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Montreal Family Photographer Step into the world of Josh, Marsh, and their son Celle as they invite a Montreal family photographer to document their lively autumn day. In the comfort of their home and the playful surroundings of their garden, the session unfolds with spontaneous laughter and joy. The documentary-style approach captures the essence of […]

Your journey towards marital bliss deserves a setting as timeless and enchanting as your love story. Tuscany, Italy, with its rolling hills, vineyards, and historical charm, is the epitome of romance for couples seeking a destination wedding. As a devoted wedding photographer, I’ve had the honor of capturing love stories in some of Tuscany’s most […]

Embarking on a journey of love and creativity, our recent photo shoot on the enchanting island of La Graciosa featured the captivating couple, Adriana and Alvaro. This dynamic duo not only share a deep connection as life partners but also bring their individual artistic talents to the forefront of their professions—Adriana as an art director […]

In the realm of wedding photography, each project tells a unique love story. Recently, I had the privilege of capturing timeless elegance with Lee Osterkamp, a radiant muse, stepping into the spotlight adorned in an exquisite wedding dress by the renowned Kaviar Gauche. Lee Osterkamp: A Radiant Muse From the moment Lee graced the set, […]

Planning Hamilton, Ontario weddings? This guide explores elegant venues, bridal designs, and expert photography for unforgettable ‘I Dos’ in the city. Choosing Hamilton: A Wedding GemHamilton, often overshadowed, is a hidden gem for weddings. Its historic charm, natural beauty, and cultural scene make it perfect for local or destination weddings. Our Hamilton Wedding BlissWhen scouting […]

Journey to Paradise – Getting to La Graciosa 1. Booking Your Ferry: Planning is key when setting off to La Graciosa. Book your ferry in advance using services like Ferry Hopper, ensuring a seamless journey to this photographer’s paradise. The anticipation builds as you secure your spot on the La Graciosa ferry, knowing that a […]

Unveiling the Magic: Vidya and Shath’s Fusion Celebration Greetings, brides-to-be! If you’re seeking fusion wedding inspiration beyond the ordinary, you’re in for a treat. Today, let’s delve into Vidya and Shath’s extraordinary union, a masterful blend of tradition and contemporary flair. A Symphony of Cultures: The Traditional Indian Extravaganza Our journey kicks off with the […]

Château Ste-Agnès: Your Dream Eastern Townships Wedding Venue Unveiled Greetings, lovebirds! Are you on the quest for the perfect Eastern Townships wedding venue? Allow me to introduce you to a slice of fairytale charm – Château Ste-Agnès. Join me, a wedding photographer exploring this enchanting venue, on a journey through the romantic haven that awaits […]


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