Scarborough Bluffs Couple Shoot – Jennifer & Ian

It was one of those cool, dreary and most of all wet days. The rain was relentless and lasted throughout the day. I knew i only had a couple of hours with my couple and was worried we may have no choice but to cancel. I’ve known Ian for years, we once worked together and now he runs his own boutique advertising agency. It would be the first time i would meet his wife Jennifer who recently changed career paths from running her own coffee shop in the country to now being a top realtor in the city.

Just as i thought we might have to postpone, the downpour subsided right at the knick of time near the end of the day. We chased the last glimmer of light, rushing to change into two different outfits, while trying not to shiver. But the connection and warmth between these two was electric with no gust of wind able to get in the way. Both Ian and especially Jennifer were troopers. The wind was brisk and one of Jennifer’s outfits was a very thin lace dress and although i’m sure she wasn’t comfortable, barefoot and all, she persevered and wanted to continue on until we got what we needed.

I was really happy with what we were able to capture in a short span of time. It’s always wonderful to see a couple tend and care for each other, clearly in love. It was a beautiful day and i couldn’t have spent it with a more radiant couple.