Hotel Gault Portrait Shoot – Costa

Sometimes when you move to a new city you feel like a fish out of water. As much as i loved the city of Montreal the day i moved there, it wasn’t until i met some of my closest friends that it really began to feel like home.

I would consider Costa one of those good friends i happened to meet. A Canadian customs officer by day, at night he has a massive following on social media and has been developing a side business in the area of hospitality.

I’ve walked by Hotel Gault many times in Montreal’s Old Port and always wondered what it was like on the inside. The exterior is gorgeous and interior is just as beautiful with very modern rooms in sharp contrast to the heritage buildings history. Dating back to 1871 the hotel was named after Andrew Frederick Gault, an Irishman and textile merchant. The hotel not only has beautiful rooms but lofts with rooftop terraces as well. Which makes It hard not to capture some great photographs.

Since we were in the area we also decided to venture down the street to another heritage building that is currently home to the Crew Cafe. Another repurposed building and once home to the Royal Bank, every detail of it’s incredible architecture has been preserved. Even the actual vault of the bank has now been turned into a unique dining and cabaret experience.

The wardrobe choice perfectly with the locations we used, transporting us to a different time and era. Even the neighbors from the building across the street seemed to take a fancy to Costa while we photographed by the balcony overlooking the street. But who could blame them, he looked great and the photos captured the amusing moment perfectly.