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We worked on the interior at Dear Bushwick along with owners Julian Mohamed & Emily Sinnott. Originally from the UK, Julian decided to bring some of the home cooked meals he grew up with to Brooklyn.

Since this was the owners first foray into the restaurant business, budget was a concern so a lot of the pieces we used were recycled and refurbished. For example, the wainscot was created from old recycled shutters, lighting fixtures were once bird cages, while the bottom of the bar was made from a vintage industrial manufacturing sign. The concept…

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Local fashion designer Cara Cheung approached us to do a short video on her summer collection. Since her designs were classy evening dresses, we decided to create some contrast by shooting in an old abandoned factory. The location we found was perfect, although the models probably didn’t appreciate having to climb through a broken window to get in. The end result was worth it however as we managed to create a raw, gritty, yet sexy clip in a very short amount of time.

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Postmedia is Canada’s largest newspaper publisher, representing some of the country’s oldest and best known brands. When the company decided to updated their reel, they also wanted to refresh the opening. We played off the logos line work and created 3D elements that morphed and animated in a dynamic way, creating a stage for the logo itself.

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This was a really cool spot we worked on for Chevrolet Cruze. Since the car was tested all around the world, in all types of conditions, footage was filmed across the globe. We even got to go to a top secret testing facility. So top secret, it’s not even on google maps! The spot was well received and even won the 2010 Applied Arts Interactive Award.

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First Ink is a film we directed and edited on one of Toronto Raptor’s top players, Chris Bosh. The film follows Chris and documents his life as he navigates the most important off season of his career. Chris went through some major changes during this time, transforming his body by not only gaining weight but also getting a massive back tattoo. The film has received a wide range of great reviews from The Toronto Star to Blog.TO.

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